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Create Chess Worksheets, Tests

Create Chess Worksheets, Tests PDF printable

Develop personalized exams to evaluate your chess students according to their respective skill levels.

You can create chess worksheets and tests using this option. You can choose chess puzzles from any topic and any difficulty.

Create chess worksheets or tests that are tailor-made for your students strengths and weaknesses.

You can also save these tests for repeated/future use.

Download Sample

Paste Lichess Study link

Lichess Study is an amazing tool to teach chess in an interactive way.

You can now save the puzzles in your Lichess study into PDFs.

Create Printable PDF from Lichess Studies
Create printable Chess puzzles from FEN notation

Paste FEN notation (premium)

You can paste FEN notations to create custom puzzles!

6k1/2p2r1p/1pPN4/pP4q1/P7/2Q5/4PP2/4K3 w - - 0 1

FEN notation like the one above, can be found in many places such as,, and other apps.

You can also save these puzzles for future use.

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