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Discovered Attack

The Discovery Channel mostly shows animals from different parts of the world. They’re just showing things that already exist.

Similarly, let’s imagine you’re playing with building blocks.

Discovery is like finding something that was already there but nobody noticed before. It’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure while digging in the sand. You didn’t make the treasure; you just found it. In real life, this could be discovering a new island or a new species of animal.

Invention, on the other hand, is like creating something entirely new. It’s like building a spaceship out of those same building blocks. You’re using your imagination and creativity to make something that didn’t exist before. In real life, this could be inventing a new gadget or a new way of doing things.

So, discovery is about finding what’s already out there, while invention is about making something new.

Discovered Attack

In chess, a discovered attack is like a sneaky surprise attack orchestrated by moving one piece out of the way to reveal the hidden attack power of another piece behind it.

Imagine you have a rook positioned behind one of your own pawns. If you move that pawn forward, suddenly the rook is unleashed and can attack an enemy piece or the enemy king. This surprise attack is called a discovered attack.

discovered attack chess

The attack was already there, you just discovered it.

It’s like when you move your hand away from covering a toy, and suddenly your friend sees it and can grab it. In a discovered attack, you move one piece, revealing another piece’s attack power, catching your opponent off guard.

Here is another example of discovered attack where by moving the Knight, our Bishop attacks the Queen.

discovered attack

This example is interesting because, you’re not only discovering the attack but also supporting the attacker.

Discovered Attack Vs Discovered Check

Do not teach this difference to your students. It is pretty confusing and also unnecessary. All they have to know is how to find a discovered attack in a position, if there is one.

Discovered Attack Puzzles

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